One of the cornerstones of compliance with the European medical device directives is risk management, making the Harmonised Standard EN ISO 14971:2012, ‘Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices’, one of the most important documents in a compliance strategy.
EN ISO 14971 not only documents requirements for manufacturers, but also provides a comprehensive road map to compliance, laying out a systematic step-by-step approach to help in the identification of potential hazards and their associated risks, together with evaluation and mitigation of those risks.
Risk management according to EN ISO 14971 is becoming increasingly important as the latest versions a number of ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC technical standards, including the ubiquitous EN IEC 60601 series, require compliance with specific clauses to be checked by means of reference to the manufacturer’s risk management file.
EN ISO 14971 not only gives requirements for risk assessment at the design stage, but also asks manufacturers to consider the ongoing risks associated with serial production, such as engineering revisions and production process changes.
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