ISO 14001 is the International Environmental Management System standard, applicable to all organizations, and is very similar in format and operation to ISO 9001.
Although not used as a regulatory tool at present, conformance with ISO 14001 provides certain advantages, including an effective means of managing risks related to the increasingly hazardous arena of environmental legislation. In addition, companies can expect certain cost advantages from installing an ISO 14001 system, because of better management of resources and reductions of waste.
Having an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO 14001 also provides a sound basis for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans and objectives, as well as the potential for boosting company image at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of 'green' issues. Certification to ISO 14001 also confers certain advantages when tendering for supply contracts.
Our Environmental Systems Specialist can help you:
  • Train your management on the basic requirements

  • Identify the most critical energy usage and waste streams

  • Conduct full EMS audits

  • Conduct EMS gap analyses

  • Develop standard operating procedures to comply with ISO 14001

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